Saturday, April 11, 2015

Chewy almond butter cups (gluten free, dairy free)

This is a recipe for something fast and furious. It doesn't take long to make and can help with any kind of sweet tooth or crave out there.
Also it's dairy free, and if you use paleo chocolate it can be sugar free. I use regular cooking chocolate with high percent of cocoa (54%).

 Our 4 year old loves this and as he is allergic to soy and dairy this is a perfect treat for him. It's homemade jet totally has a store bought candy feel to it.

  • 1 cup almonds (optional: roasted)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 100 gr chocolate (paleo if you can get it, or at least one with high percent of cocoa)
  •  In a food processor grind the almonds and then add the coconut oil and blend until you get almond butter (liquid as in the picture-at room temperature).
  • Melt chocolate in double broiler, or microwave oven.
  • In paper cup put chocolate to cover bottom, then put it in a freezer for about 10 minutes
  • Next add in every cup about one tbsp of almond butter and cover with the remaining melted chocolate.
  • Put in fridge for about 1-2 hours.



  1. If you want to go into paleo, and dont know how, my first advice is to get a cookbook that will help you start and continue your paleo diet. I suggest this resource:

    1. We started with the book "It starts with food" and the Whole 30 program, but it kinda grew further for we try to stick to wholesome, homegrown, home raised, fresh, local food for each meal. To try to say it shortly. :)