Friday, August 29, 2014

About the meat

The paleo lifestyle is wrongly considered to be all meat and noting else. This is not true. It is a lifestyle that includes a lot of protein and fat as a main energy sources, meaning that you want your body to burn fat and forget about all the sugar you used to give it. So in our daily food routine we consume a lot of protein. For lunch and dinner there is some kind of meat on our plate. The reason I haven't shared any recipes jet is because I like to keep it simple.

A good piece of meat does not require a lot of tampering with. We have our home grown pigs and chickens and river fish is easy to buy at the local store because it is locally available in Zagorje.

So concerning the meat on our plate:

  • Steak -  I don't like adding a lot of additional flavors. Either I just season it with salt or let it marinade a bit in a mixture of olive oil, salt, garlic and balsamic vinegar. And roast it on a skillet.
  • Roast - So it's the same thing just in a big chunk. I season it with salt and put in the oven.
  • Chicken -  the possibilities are endless with good home grown chicken but what is fastest and easiest is roasting it in the oven. Again just salt and 2 big onions chopped into chunks and some water. If grilling in a skillet I use a marinade of salt, balsamic vinegar and honey and this too works quite well.
  • Ground meat - this will come up in the recipes time to time because I usually combine it with vegetables in some kind of hash.
  • Fish - simply roast it in the oven. Season it with salt, garlic and drizzle with olive oil.

I will be putting some of the recipes on the blog, but with meat SIMPLER is better.

What I would strongly recommend is NOT using any condiments with taste enhancers and everything else is prone to experimenting. If you don't like the taste of meat you can season it well with pepper and red paprika maybe.

Either way you make it try to buy local grown and avoid the supermarkets. The meat there is not really meat at all and in this area we live in local grown is neither hard to find neither expensive.

One last remark about the fat in and around the meat, if the meat is from a known source be sure to eat it and not waste it. This kind of fat is good for you and will definitely NOT be bad for your cholesterol.
If you have store bought meat be sure to remove all the fat from it and not consume it, because in the fat all the pesticides, toxins and hormones they fed are dissolved.

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