Friday, August 1, 2014


I guess everything has a start. 
For us paleo started about a year ago with whole30 program upon which I stumbled by accident looking for recipes for a toddler that has milk/soy allergy. Before venturing in the program I read the book It starts with food and all the biochemistry in there just made sense. Everything the authors wrote made sense. And after finishing the 30 days it made even more sense. It delivered everything it promised to. 
We (me and my husband) felt better, looked better and had more energy. But the biggest surprise of all was that we fell in love with food again. With cooking, experimenting, trying thousands of new recipes that made delicious food that was at the same time nourishing our overall health. So this blog is an attempt to just show how wonderful real food can be and making it fun and all that from a point of view of an organic chemist.
I collect a lot of recipes on a Pinterest board: paleo-zagorci. I try them out and adapt them to the groceries that are available in Croatia, that are cheap or that we ourselves can produce and grow. This is a start post...will be back soon, from the kitchen.