Sunday, August 3, 2014

Almond butter

The subject of making your own butters is a bit new to me, as the first butter I made was just a couple a weeks ago. Almond butter is important in it that it's made from a fairly cheap ingredients (almonds) compared to other butters that are either unavailable in Croatia or are extremely expensive.
All nuts that we eat should be soaked first  for reasons I'm not going to get into, but if you
are interested follow the link: soaking nuts.
I made my first batch of butter with plain unsoaked, unblanched almonds just to try it out. The recipe required almonds and 1 tbsp of coconut oil for helping almonds butterfy faster, easier and better. And it worked. I have a normal kitchen (two speed) blender and the product is shown on the picture below.

I used this butter in the previously posted brownies. After this succeeded I wanted to try a little experiment. This time I blanched the almonds. This proved to be the tidiest part of the process. They first soaked over the night and then it was party time...

After this it was again blending time, but this time I decided not to use coconut oil as a "helper" but olive oil. Olive oil is less fragrant and would hopefully give it a different accent. And it did. But it also made a huge change in the consistency. It came out much more dense. Almost the consistency of regular butter.

So this is a simple butter to make and has a lot of open space for experimenting with it. For a toddler/child/grown up with cow milk/soy allergy it can serve as a beautiful replacement for a spread which is healthier and tastier than all the margarine kinds out there (hydrogenated oils downsides).


250 grams ALMONDS

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